• Research of footage, images, documents and other archival or third party material
  • Licensing
  • Rights Clearance
  • Archive Producing
  • Consultancy and development
  • Budgeting
  • Calculation and budget control
  • Seminars and workshops

For documentaries, fiction films, exhibitions or other art, media and culture projects involving archival material.


I navigate my clients through the complex world of archival material. I will find the best pictures for your project and you can safe time, money and nerves.

I have several years of experience working on media projects involving archival material. With my broad network of archives, agencies and private collectors all around the world I can find the best images for your project. With my research skills, you can impress your clients and audience alike. 

Due to Germany’s history, we have a lot of different visual sources covering all events of modern history. Files of the East German Ministry for State Security (Stasi), newsreels of the Nazi era and other moving images, pictures or historical documents can be found but are not easy to get. I have the knowledge to do so.

I provide images and footage with a fast digital workflow for clients all around the world. I am experienced in managing archival projects in the editing stage so that screeners can be easily replaced with high-res material.   

I can calculate and adjust the cost of archive material for projects in development or in the editing process.  For my clients, I will negotiate the best prices for the licencing of material. With many providers, I have special conditions.

Professional rights clearance reduces the risk of using images in your project to a minimum.